How I choose the right haircolor for your skintone

Did you know that before coloring your hair, it’s important to choose the right hair color for you, based on your skin tone?

  • This is something that I consider, as a professional colorist, during every hair color consultation.

Let’s say you come to see me for that fantastic new shade of color you saw on your favorite celebrity in a fashion magazine.  Before you can talk me in to creating that look for you, I analyze whether or not it will work for you.  This analysis is based on your personal skin tone, in addition to considering your personal taste and budget. 

Is your skin tone “warm” or “cool”?

To determine a warm skin tone, I ask myself a few simple questions:

  • Do you have brown or dark eyes with olive, golden or dark skin?  If the answer is yes, you are likely a warm hair color candidate (i.e., golden tones like, caramel, bronze, copper) in a darker shade than your skin, will very likely look great on you.

As an example, notice my lovely client Manju standing in the natural sunlight.  I created beautifully bronzed hair color, that is darker than her own complexion.  It’s a perfect match for her, don’t you think?

To determine a cool skin tone, I ask myself these simple questions:

  1. Do you have blue or green eyes with fair skin?  If the answer is yes, you are likely a cool hair color candidate (i.e., ash blonde and cool browns work best).

As an example, notice my lovely client Lily.  She has a beautiful combination of light and dark ash.  Like with many rules, some are meant to be broken, so she looks great with a bit of gold in her color as well.

There are many considerations when determining the right hair color for you.  So come in and see me and let me, give you, The Royal Hair Treatment.

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